Best Websites To Order Snacks Online
Best websites to order Snacks Online

Online shopping has become a popular option for people worldwide, and India is no exception. With busy schedules and the convenience of shopping from home, more and more people are turning to online platforms to buy their favorite snacks. In this digital age, the number of online platforms selling snacks has increased, making it difficult for customers to choose the best option. It is where our list of the best websites to order snacks online in India comes in. We have carefully created a list of the top online retailers that offer various Indian snacks, including namkeen, chips, and sweets. Each platform on this list has unique advantages, from the quality of the products to the affordability of the prices.

Best Websites to Order Snacks Online:

1. Chandra Vilas

Chandra Vilas is one of the leading online stores for traditional Indian snacks and namkeen. We are the popular choice for those who crave the authentic taste of homemade namkeen, which is prepared using high-quality ingredients and age-old recipes. 

We offer a wide variety of namkeen options. Whether you are a fan of spicy snacks or prefer something sweeter, we have something to suit every taste bud. Our extensive range of namkeen includes Sev, Bhujia, Chiwda, Mathri, and many more.

Another reason we are the best site to buy snacks online is our unmatched quality. Our products are made using premium quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

Furthermore, We offer hassle-free online ordering and doorstep delivery services. Our user-friendly website makes browsing and selecting your favorite namkeen items easy. You can order from home and conveniently deliver your snacks to your doorstep. Our packaging is also top-notch, ensuring that the namkeen reaches you in pristine condition.

Finally, Chandra Vilas is the best namkeen and snacks site online because of their extensive range of products and hassle-free online ordering and delivery. 

2. Big Basket

BigBasket is one of India’s largest online grocery stores, offering a wide selection of namkeen products. While they are a great option for purchasing groceries and household essentials, they fall short compared to Chandra Vilas when buying namkeen online.

One of the advantages of shopping for namkeen on BigBasket is their user-friendly platform, which makes it easy to browse and select from various products. They offer a good selection of namkeen snacks from popular brands such as Haldiram’s and Bikalananda Kar and their in-house brand, BB Royal.

BigBasket is a reliable option for buying snacks online, especially if you are already shopping for other groceries on their platform. However, Chandra Vilas is better if you want high-quality and authentic namkeen.

3. Bikaji

Bikaji is a popular Indian snack brand offering various savory and sweet namkeen options. They have a strong online and offline presence, making them a reliable choice for buying namkeen online. Their unique taste and flavour set them apart from other brands.

One of the standout features of Bikaji’s namkeen is its use of traditional Indian spices and ingredients. Bikaji’s namkeen selection also offers some unique items not easily found on other online platforms. Overall, Bikaji is a good option, but Chandra Vilas is better.

4. Haldiram

Haldiram is a well-known Indian snack brand that has been around for decades. They are a household name in India. While they may not be the best option for buying namkeen online, they are still reliable.

One of the advantages of buying namkeen from Haldiram is their availability. They have a strong online and offline presence, making it easy to find their products. Their snack range includes spicy Bhujia to crunchy Papdi, and their sweets are equally popular.

Their consistent quality and availability make them a go-to choice for many Indian snack lovers.

5. Foodwalas

Foodwalas is a popular online platform for buying authentic and artisanal Indian snacks and sweets. They offer over 400 namkeen products that are hard to find elsewhere. What differentiates Foodwalas from other online retailers is their focus on curating high-quality products from small and local producers.

One of the advantages of shopping for namkeen on Foodwalas is the diversity of their selection. They offer a wide range of namkeen snacks, from the popular Aloo Bhujia to lesser-known specialities like Spinach Sev. They also offer a range of regional specialities, such as Rajasthani Namkeen and South Indian Murukku.

Foodwalas’ namkeen selection is curated from small and local producers who use traditional methods and high-quality ingredients. Foodwalas are a great option for those exploring and discovering unique and authentic Indian namkeen.

6. Namkeenwale

Namkeenwale is a popular online platform for buying various Indian namkeen snacks. Their snacks are both delicious and affordable. They have been providing tasty snacks since 2013.

One of the advantages of shopping for namkeen on Namkeenwale is their affordability. Despite their affordable prices, Namkeenwale keeps its quality high.

They offer namkeen products that cater to various tastes and preferences, from spicy to sweet and everything in between. They also have many regional specialities that need to be found elsewhere. Their Orange Kaju Gajak is terrific. Namkeenwale is a great option for buying namkeen online, particularly for those on a budget.

7. Blinkit

Blinkitis an online grocery platform that offers a range of food products, including namkeen snacks. While they may not specialize in namkeen snacks like the other brands on this list, they offer a diverse selection of snacks perfect for those looking to stock up on groceries.

Since they offer a range of grocery products, you can easily add snacks to your grocery list and deliver them directly to your doorstep. They are a reliable option for those buying namkeen snacks and other grocery items.


In conclusion, our list of the best websites to order snacks online in India offers a range of options for every kind of snack lover. From the unique and artisanal offerings of Chandra Vilas and Bikaji to the affordability and convenience of platforms like Grofers and Namkeenwale, there is something for everyone. These online retailers have advantages and unique features that make them stand out in the crowded online snack market. Whether trying new and exciting flavours or simply restocking your favorite snacks, these online platforms offer a convenient way to get your snack fix. So, explore our site, and order snacks online.

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