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Lemon Sev | Lemon Bhujia | Lemon Pudhina

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  • Lemon Sev
  • Also known as Kachi Keri Sev
  • This Namkeen snack is a Modern flavour yet connected to our traditional Rajasthani traditional recipes.
  • Made from traditional Jodhpuri royal recipes.
  • Handcrafted for great taste and traditional touch.
  • Free from harmful Palmolein Oil or Palm Oil.
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Gram Flour, Starch, Potato flakes, Flavouring extract, Oil, Salt, Chilli Powder

Lemon Pudhina sev / Lemon Bhujia has a refreshing flavour. It’s a perfect balance between the sour and minty flavours of lemon and pudhina respectively. The lip-smacking taste of this snack will make it hard for you to stop without binging the complete pack in one go.

Lemon Sev: A snack for your tangy cravings!

Lemon sev is a well-known Indian delicacy that is renowned for both its tart flavor and crispy texture. This is a particular variety of sev, a classic Indian snack made with besan (gram flour). The addition of lemon juice and a combination of flavorful spices gives lemon sev its distinct flavor. This tasty little treat is ideal as an appetizer at parties or during teatime. The preparation, history, variants, and serving ideas of lemon sev will all be covered on this page, along with several related delicacies like lemon bhujia, lemon namkeen, and lemon pudhina sev.The History of Lemon Sev

In Indian cuisine, sev has a long and rich history that dates back centuries. It was first created in the state of Gujarat using a device known as a “sev sancha,” a traditional sev maker. As sev became more and more popular throughout India, many regional varieties arose. Snacking aficionados fell in love with the culinary creation of sev—a blend of tart and lemon flavors that delighted palates. Sev quickly gained popularity, not only as a snack but also as a versatile ingredient in various dishes. Its tangy and refreshing taste made it a favorite addition to chaats, salads, and even as a garnish for curries. Today, lemon sev continues to be enjoyed across India and has also found its way into international cuisines, adding a zesty twist to culinary creations around the world. 

Ingredients needed to make lemon sev

You’ll need the following items to make lemon sev:

      • Gram flour (besan)
      • Lemon juice
      • Turmeric powder
      • Red chili powder
      • Asafoetida (Hing)
      • Salt
      • Vegetable oil
      • Water

These readily available ingredients can be found in most grocery stores and are essential for achieving the authentic flavor of lemon sev. Additionally, you may also want to consider adding a pinch of black salt for an extra-tangy flavor. It is important to note that the quality of the ingredients used will greatly impact the taste of the final dish, so it is recommended to use fresh lemon juice and high-quality spices for the best results. 

Method by Method: Making Lemon Sev

Making lemon sev at home is not that difficult. To make your own batch of this delectable snack, follow these steps:

      • Gram flour, asafoetida, red chili powder, turmeric powder, and salt should all be combined in a mixing dish. Blend thoroughly.
      • To the dry ingredients, add a tiny bit of water and lemon juice. Mix the ingredients until a soft dough forms.
      • Vegetable oil should be heated in a kadai or deep fryer.
      • Put a fine-mesh plate-equipped sev maker on top of the pan.
      • Scoop out some dough and stuff it into the sev maker.
      • Using a circular motion, press the dough through the sev maker and into the heated oil.
      • Fry the sev until it becomes crispy and golden brown.
      • After removing the fried sev from the oil, drain the excess oil by placing it on a dish towel.
      • With the leftover dough, repeat the procedure.
      • After the sev has cooled fully, place it in an airtight container.

Different Lemon Sev

There are lots of ways to play with lemon sev. Here are a few well-liked versions you could try:

      • Spicy Lemon Sev: For those who enjoy a spicy kick, add extra red chili powder or sprinkle some chaat masala on the freshly fried sev. This variation enhances the heat and adds an exciting flavor dimension to the snack.
      • Tangy Lemon Sev: Squeeze extra lemon juice over the fried sev to amp up the tartness. Your taste senses will be enticed by the extra zesty burst, which will make the snack even more delicious.
      • Minty Lemon Sev: To give the dough a distinctive twist, mix in some finely chopped fresh mint leaves. Perfect for summer eating, the flavor profile created by the mix of lemon and mint is refreshing and cool.

Presentation and Servicing

Lemon sev is a delicious snack that goes well with chaats and other Indian street food meals, or it can be enjoyed on its own. Serve lemon sev in little bowls or on a tray topped with chopped coriander leaves and chaat masala to improve presentation. To balance the flavors, serve it with a crisp lemonade or a cup of hot tea.

Lemon Sev Is A Well-liked Snack

Not only is lemon sev becoming more and more popular in India, but among snack lovers everywhere as well. Its acidic flavor, crispy texture, and adaptability make it a favored snack for a variety of situations. Lemon sev will definitely quench your appetite for a snack, whether you’re having a party or you’re just in the mood for something savory.

Health Advantages of Lemon Squash

Although there is no denying that lemon sev is tasty, it is crucial to include it in moderation as part of a balanced diet. The main component of sev, gram flour, is a good source of important minerals, dietary fiber, and protein. But since deep-frying the sev increases the calorie content, moderation is advised. Lemon Sev’s acidic flavor can also excite taste buds and facilitate digestion.

Lemon Bhujia: Lemon Sev’s Close Cousin

In some parts of India, a popular version of lemon sev is called lemon bhujia. While it resembles lemon sev, it frequently has a thicker texture and a little different spice blend. With the inclusion of particular spices to produce a unique flavor, the production process is comparable to that of lemon sev.

Lemon Namkeen: An Additional Tasty Variation

Another delicious delicacy that uses the tanginess of lemon is lemon namkeen. It is a blend of several crunchy components, roasted chana dal, peanuts, and other savory ingredients, all of which are seasoned with a sharp lemon. With its explosion of tastes and textures, lemon namkeen is a delectable snack choice.

A Refreshing Blend of Lemon Pudhina Sev

Lemon pudhina sev infuses the cooling taste of fresh mint leaves (pudhina) into a classic sev recipe, giving it a refreshing twist. For hot summer days, the taste sensation created by the fusion of lemon and mint is unmatched.


Is there an extended shelf life for lemon sev?

Yes, if you keep it in an airtight jar, you can keep lemon sev for a few weeks. Before storing, make sure it is absolutely cold, and store it somewhere dry and cool.

Is a sev maker necessary to make lemon seva?

Yes, you may make the sev strands with a piping bag fitted with a star-shaped nozzle if you don’t have a sev maker. As an alternative, you can pipe out the sev using a robust plastic bag that has a small hole cut out of one corner.

How hot can I get with the lemon sev?

You can add some finely chopped green chilies or more red chili powder to the dough to make the lemon sev hotter.

Is there gluten in lemon sev?

No, gram-flour-based classic lemon sev contains gluten. On the other hand, you can experiment with gluten-free substitutes using different flours, such as rice flour or chickpea flour.

Can I substitute lime for lemon in this recipe?

Yes, you can replace the lemon in the recipe with a lime. Lime will give the sev the same zesty flavor.

The last note:

The crunch of sev and the tang of lemon combine to create a delicious snack known as lemon sev. With time, its renown has expanded, and snack enthusiasts now consider it to be their favorite. Lemon sev makes for a flexible snack thanks to its easy preparation process and customizable taste options. Lemon sev will satisfy your needs for a crispy and zesty snack, whether you eat it by itself or as a part of chaats and other cuisines.

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